Jake Get's Tickle Torture

Jake, You little creep! Come back here!” Jessica screamed in the background as her mother opened the front door. Thomas and Megan got a glimpse of little Jake Kanterson, barrelling across the hallway with his big sister hot on his heels. Cheeky Jake had a huge grin on his face; a sure sign that he had just indulged in some sort of mischief, at Jessica's expense. “Jessica! Hi! Bad time?” asked Megan as Jake ran round a corner fast, and blonde teenager failed to make the turn as a carpet slipped out from under her feet. “Ouch!” Thomas commented, looking down at his friend. He looked up and spotted Jake halfway up the stairs. The young boy stuck out his tongue at his sister, then gave his “successful prank” grin before disappearing upstairs. “Ooooh, that little rat!” Jessica fumed as Megan helped her to her feet. “What'd he do?” Thomas asked. “I don't know for sure yet, but I have my suspicions,” she said, giving a withering stare towards the stairway where little Jake had disappeared. “My lipstick did something wierd today while I was at the Shopping Centre. It made my lips all numb and rubbery. I was talking like a babbling idiot for twenty minutes. When I told mum about it, Jake giggled. That's when I ran after him, until you guys came,” Jessica explained. Thomas pondered for a minute. He remembered how Jake had danced away, giggling one time when he had jabbed Jake in the sides, and it gave him an idea. “I think I know how to find out if he did anything. Give me a few minutes.” Saying nothing more, he headed up the stairs, leaving Jessica and Megan to look at each other, perplexed. The girls were used to Thomas somehow “handling” things, so they shrugged and went into the kitchen to get a drink. As they entered, Jessicas's mother walked in from the other way. She was holding her purse and the car keys. “Jessica, I have to go out for a couple of hours. Can you keep an eye on your brother? And try not to kill him, please.” she said. Jessica rolled her eyes. “Oh, okay,” she grudgingly agreed. Just as the girls were finishing their drinks, they heard Thomas call them. They went into the other room, as saw Thomas standing casually, halfway down the stairs with an inscrutable little smile on his face. “I believe you wanted to have a talk with Jake?” he said suavely, gesturing for them to follow him up the stairs. He escorted them into Jake's bedroom. When the girls got there, they were surprised by what they saw. Jake was laying on his bed. Each arm and leg was stretched out and tied to a post at the corners of the bedframe. Jake was struggling mightily to try to get free. When he looked up as saw the two girls enter, his eyes got wide with fear. “No! Not them! They can't come in here!" he shrieked, as he pulled harder on the bathrobe belts that stretched him out, to no avail. “Jessica has some questions for you,” Thomas said to the restrained boy, giving a small smile. “Tom, How did you get him like this?” Jessica asked, astonished. She watched her little brother struggle futilely, grunting with effort, but Thomas seemed to have bound Jake tightly, but also so that he wouldn't hurt himself pulling. “A man must have his secrets,” Thomas said enigmatically. Jessica sat down beside her little brother, on the edge of his bed. Jake flinched away, but seemed to have given up on trying to pull free. “Now that I've got your attention,” Jessica said, smiling darkly at her defenceless little brother, “let's talk about something strange that happened at the shopping centre today.” “I wouldn't know what you're talking about,” replied Jake quickly, trying his best to look innocent. Jessica raised her hands slowly above her little brother's chest, as Jake watched nervously. He started struggling again, but got the same distressing lack of results. “Something made my lips and mouth all numb today when I used my lipstick,” she stated, her hands still poised over top of Jake. “Are you sure you don't know anything about that?” Jake blinked, pulling his gaze away from his sister's hands, and formed an obstinate expression. Jessica smirked at Jake's reticence. She dropped her hands to Jakes sides and wiggled her fingers. Jake's eyes opened wide in shock, and a strained moan escaped from his lips, although he tried to clench lips tightly shut. Not to be beaten that easily, Jessica moved her fingers along Jake's sides, and up and down his skinny little ribs. Jake moaned louder, his face starting to flush a bright pink from holding in his reactions. Jessica figured that her little brother was trying to convince her that he wasn't ticklish, hoping that maybe she would give up, but he wasn't fooling anyone. Jessica had tickled Jake all the time as they grew up; she tickled his sides, belly, chest and ribs whenever he annoyed her, but she had never had him completely immobile and helpless, totally at her mercy. She was going to enjoy this! Jake had his eyes clenched shut as he shook his head back and forth, trying to ignore, or dispel the insidious tickling sensations from his sides, but he knew he was losing the battle. He should have realized that Thomas' bet that he couldn't escape from his tie-up job was a ploy to help Jessica, but the ten pounds that Thomas offered if he had escaped was so tempting. See where his greed and naïveté got him now! Jessica decided it was time to get more than suppressed grunts out of her little brother. She grabbed the hem of his shirt, and pulled it up, baring hi belly and chest. Jake gave her a scared, moon-eyed stare, silently begging her not to tickle him, but Jessica was having too good a time to stop now. She touched his soft thin belly, and started tickling him all over his sides, chest and belly. Jakes rebellion of silence broke with a high-pitched squeal of protest, followed by wild laughter and giggles as she continued stroking his helpless, yet very very ticklish belly. Jessica wiggled her fingers, all around his soft belly button .She got an especially high pitched laughter when she wiggled her finger in his very sensitive belly button, so she devoted several seconds to treating little Jake to that ticklish agony. “No-hohoho!! No-ho-ho-hot there!! Haahaahaahaahaaa!!” Jake laughed. “Do you have something to tell me?” Jessica asked, a playful drawl in her voice as she continued playing with her little brother's ticklish belly button. Jake rebelliously shook his head, still laughing helplessly. Megan moved to the other side of the bed and sat down, watching her friend torture her mischievous little brother. “Mind if I help, Jessica?” she asked. Matt's eyes shot open, staring at Megan with fear. He tried as best he could to look cute and innocent, hoping that he could silently convince her not to add to his torment, but Megan was not one known for showing mercy. The brunette girl grabbed the hem of Matt's shirt, and pulled it up over his head, effectively blindfolding him with it. It also bared his armpits, for they were Megan's targets. Jake could only see shadows through the material of his shirt, and that made him nervous. He didn't know what to expect next, so when fingers started wiggling in his soft, sensitive armpits, he flinched hard, his ongoing laughter catching in his throat for a second before flowing out even more intensely than before. With his sister wiggling her long nailed fingers on his chest, belly, and sides and Megan treating his underarms to a ticklish finger-dance, Jake could feel that he was losing all control. Now, Jake was a boy who loved getting tickled, he has always been a ticklish boy. He'd often taunt Jessica at times when he had no T-Shirt on just to get her to tickle him in revenge. It was rare that she'd tickle him, so he ended up having to tease or annoy her every chance he got, in order to get the tickling he wanted. This time, it seemed he had succeeded beyond his wildest hopes. In fact, he was starting to think that he had bitten off more than he could chew when he accepted Thomas' obvious ploy to get him helpless for Jessica. He had put on what he thought was a pretty good act of seeming afraid and resistant when Jessica had started tickling him, but his fear wasn't entirely faked when Megan joined in tickling him. This was more tickling than Jake had ever received before. It was fantastic, but he couldn't help but be afraid of just how much they would tickle torture him. Jake has only ever had Jessica tickling him. Two people were mind-blowingly ticklish, and as the two girls continued their efforts, Jake could feel his resistance eroding under the onslaught of relentless sensation. “Feel like talking yet?” Jessica taunted over the sound of Jake's laughter. Jake just shook his head. He was determined that he was going to get as much as he could out of this tickling situation. “Tom, we could use your help,” Megan stated. She paused for a second to pull the shirt off of Jake's face, and tucked it behind his neck. Then she drove her fingers into the small boy's armpits again, making Jake scream with laughter. Thomas was just wondering just how ticklish Jessica's little brother really was. He moved to the foot of the bed and carefully tugged Jake's trainers off his feet. Jake felt the cool air hitting his warm, soft feet, and looked down, apprehensively. Thomas gazed back, as he proceeded to take the socks off poor Jake's sensitive feet. Jake was seriously panicking now. He had no idea if his feet were ticklish or not, but if they were, then he knew he'd be completely out of control with laughter. He was just barely suppressing his urge to confess with Jessica tickling his belly and Megan tormenting his armpits. The boy focused on that voice, and steeled himself to withstand what he was sure was going to be an unbearable tickling of his soft, warm and incredibly defenceless feet. Thomas looked at Jake's clenched toes for a second, and then reached down and gently but firmly pried back the toes on his right foot. He ran one finger down the taut skin of his sole, and Jake's laughter gave way to a high-pitched shriek in response. He tried it again, and Jake yet again howled in laughter. “A bit ticklish there, are we?” Thomas taunted drolly. Jake shook his head violantley, his eyes glistening with ticklish tears. “Oh, you're not ticklish on your feet eh?” Thomas asked. “Well, then I guess you won't mind me doing this!” and with that, he dug into that soft sole with all his fingers. Jake squealed so loud, that the kids were sure that the whole street heard his laughing!. Poor Jake was going ballistic, straining frantically at the belts that restrained him. His wild, high-pitched laughter filled the room as tears seeped from the corners of his soaking eyes. Jessica had never seen her brother so out of control, and she liked it. It served him right for what she was positive was his latest prank against her, and all the other pranks over the years that parental intervention had prevented her from getting revenge on. She kept tickling his heaving belly and his very ticklish belly button with much effort, making sure to wiggle her fingers at his chest and side too. It was too much. Certainly, Jake loved being tickled. but his foot turned out to be agonizingly ticklish, and the overload of all three teens tickling him at once was well beyond his endurance. He tried to talk, to bark out a confession, but all that came out were nonsense syllables, and lots and lots of laughter. The panic that he tasted before now had him full in its grip. How could he get them to stop when they were dedicated to tickling him so hard that he couldn't even beg for them to stop? Tears poured from the corners of his eyes from the heavy laughter, flinging about from him shaking his head back and forth. The tickling sensations seemed to surround his mind, overwhelming it, and yet at the same time seeming to cradle it. Despite the incredible intensity of what the three teens were putting him through, a part of him still loved it. Finally, after what seemed like forever locked in a heaven/hell of tickling sensation, they stopped. Jake just panted as hard as he could, getting back his breath. Through bleary eyes, he could see that they were all staring at him. Was he imagining it that Jessica looked a tiny bit concerned? Jessica looked down at Jake. He was a mess. Face flushed from all his laughing, tears running from his eyes and hair tousled from squirming against his bed. She had let her frustration and rivalry with her little brother get the better of her, and had been quite merciless in her tickling his belly, chest, sides and ticklished of all, his belly button. She worried for a moment if he was okay, since he was still really red, and was panting like a racehorse. She didn't worry long, though, since before long, a very coy, Jake-like grin came to his face. “Ready to talk?” Jessica asked, relieved that he seemed okay. She was quickly remembering her irritation at him, as she poised her hands over Jake's recently tickled belly. She was about to tickle him again. “NO, No!!” Jake gasped, his eyes opening wide as his eyes fixed on her hands. Megan slowly wiggled her fingers in the air next to Jake Ticklish armpits. “Confession is good for the sole,” Thomas quipped, drawing a finger up the bottom of Jake's foot as he drew out the word “sole”. Jake giggled and flinched again at the tickling sensation. “Okay, okay! I soaked your lipstick in some of that toothache-numbing medicine,” Jake admitted, his breathing starting to return to normal now, and the flush slowly receding from his face. “There, now was that so hard?” Jessica stated, triumphantly. She lowered her hands into her lap, watching Jake's bare, thin belly rise and fall with his calming breaths. It had felt really good to let go on Jake like that. The little rat was always trying to get under her skin, and he usually got off scott-free for his pranks. It occurred to her that tickling the heck out of him like that was revenge she could get on him without getting into trouble for beating him up. “Yeah, yeah, sure,” Jake agreed, starting to sound more and more like his cocky self again. “Well, are you going to let me go, now?” “Are you kidding?” Jessica asked, getting a wicked look on her face. She was still irritated and embarrassed by the episode at the shopping centre. “That was just the confession. Now we've got to punish you for the prank,” she added, including a corny 'evil laugh' at the end. She caught Thomas' and Megan's eyes, and the playfully wicked look quickly spread to them. Jake gaped in disbelief. He never thought he'd get tickled again so quick after that ordeal. Anxiousness built in the pit of his skinny belly — no longer fear, but akin to the excitement that builds as you ride up the first big hill of a roller coaster. He wasn't sure if he could even take any more tickling torture, his poor red belly had already been tickled, and it was now even worse, he was about to get tickled to death… again! Thomas placed his fingers on the soles of both small bare feet this time. Jake seemed too worn out to clench his toes this time, and Thomas was actually eager to start tickling him again. Not only had both he and Megan suffered their share of Jake's pranks, but there had been something so appealing about Jake's laughter while he was being tickled. He schooled his expression to his typical 'cool' look, and looked up at Jessica. The moment she started, both he and Megan joined in again, tickling Jakes's smooth, sensitive skin, making him roar with laughter. Could it be, Thomas noted, that there was only half-hearted begging coming from Jake between bursts of laughter? By the time the two children's mother returned from her errands, poor Jake had been tickled to oblivion, untied, face cleaned up, clothes unrumpled and none the worse for wear. Jessica and her brother were down in the kitchen with Jessica's friends, chatting animatedly over drinks. “Well, it's nice to see you two getting along for a change,” their mother observed, setting down the bag of groceries. “We came to an agreement,” Jessica said cheerily. In fact, what she had done was threatened Jake with another restraining and merciless tickle torture if he ever played a prank on her again. She doubted that would rein her little brother in, but they were all in such a good mood from the afternoon's activities, that she didn't really care. “Jake?” their mother asked as she walked over near the table and looked down. “Where are your shoes and socks?” Everyone looked down at Jakes's still bare feet, and broke into giggles. Jessica's and Jake's mother just gave a confused smile at their reaction, and shrugged her shoulders.

The End


  1. Nice to no plagiarism is embraced. A word of advice: When you steal someone else's fanfiction, make sure to pay attention to what you're doing. You may have changed the names of the characters to "Thomas", "Megan", "Jessica", and "Jake", but I've read this story before. Even with the name changes, I recognize this as a Lizzy McGuire story. If you really want to go through the trouble of stealing someone else's work, you should probably do more than copy and paste. By the way, you missed a few names. Throughout the story, I read a few "...both he and MIRANDA suffered..." and "...MATT giggled and flinched...", and the killer "...that LIZZIE looked a tiny bit concerned..."
    Just for future references. Also, I'll be sure to inform the original author of your 'amazing work'. Cheers!

  2. I agree with Cindy, I was getting into this UNTIL you started calling Jake: "Matt" and I was confused. Then, you called the sister, "Lizzie." Stealing someone else's work is illegal and the original author can sue you for you taking this as your own work.